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NAESS SHIPPING PHILIPPINES, INC. was born on October 24, 1980 with the signing of the documents by Capt. Pablo Gutierrez and Mr. Arturo Piree at the Army Navy Club in Manila. Our first office had a staff of merely five employees at the mezzanine of the Pennville Building on Leon Guinto Street, Malate, Upon approval and registration with the Securities and Exchange Commission, in December of the same year, initial manning operations began with a modest number of 25 vessels. Within three years, we were able to acquire and transfer to our own office at 2215 Leon Guinto St., Malate.

Barely a decade of operations found NAESS SHIPPING PHILIPPINES, INC.in the service of eight principals, reaching the 100-mark of enrolled vessels with the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration ( POEA )-a positive confirmation and sure sign of the Shipping Industry’s acceptance and approval of our manning services. With business at its peak, on the first week of October 1991, the property we had acquired and held office in since 1983 was reconstructed into the 4-storey building that presently stands on Leon Guinto today.

Like everyone in the industry, we had our share of uphill struggles when we awoke one morning and found the Philippine economy in utter chaos. Affected by the currency crisis and other factors, adjustments had to be made. Thanks to the confidence of the international shipping industry in our integrity and quality service, recovery was just a matter of time. Despite temporary setbacks, NSP continued to enjoy its world-class distinction as one of the best manning agencies in the country.

In keeping with the rapid changes in technology, we implemented our computerization program as far back as 1984. Now, we have integrated our database with our web site to enable our principals to view on-line and download anytime all important documents and certificates relevant to our seafarers on board their vessels. We also boast of being certified by Det Norske Veritas in the ISO 9001-2000 Series Quality Standard with the Quality System Certificate and the Crew Manning Certificate. NSP is likewise engaged in Shipping Agent Services and Ship Management. It presently manages the AMOSUP/ITF training vessel, the Kapitan Felix Oca, wherein NSP seamen and other trainees engage in “hands-on” training programs.

PIONEERS at NSP include such visionaries and legends in their own fields as then Commandant of the Philippines Coast Guard, Rear Admiral Simeon Alejandro, Commodore Ponciano Bautista, Capt. Vicente S. Oca, Mr. Arturo Piree, Capt. Pablo Gutierrez, Dr. Ramon J. Ongsiako, Jr. Atty. Salvador Britanico and Crewing Manager, Capt. Norberto Tapia.

Today, led by the young and gregarious Mr. Pedro Miguel F. Oca as President, NSP enjoys the trust and confidence of its foreign principals, equipping ships with the best trained, skilled and able-bodied seamen in the business. Among these companies are the Reefership Marine Services, Limited., Kuwait Oil Tanker Co. SAK, Van Ommeren Germany GmbH, Asahi Shipping Co., Ltd., New Shipping Kaisha Limited. and Dockwise N.V.

NSP’s concern does not end in just the honing of skills of its seamen, but also in their total development and use of the right values and attitudes. The total development of our seafarers remains the focus of NAESS SHIPPING PHILIPPINES, INC. because we believe that it is our responsibility to help every person under our employ achieve his greatest potential, and that in order to do this, there must be an on-going growth experience in all aspects:

the strengthening of one’s moral fiber as well as physical; the encouragement of a healthy respect for the total self– for one’s dignity as well as for one’s trade. One affects the other and can never be separated. Commitment and attitude are every bit as important as any perfected skill. Thus, character formation must be an integral part of any skills training, a priority policy NSP seeks to implement.