Last 24 February, Capt. Aviso circulated through email re the management’s decision to stop accepting personal packages for seafarers on board through the on-signers for security reasons since there had been so many reports of drug trafficking cases involving OFWs. According to the Management, this move is for the protection of the seafarers sailing under NSPI and its Principals and of the company as well.


Last 28 February, the work area of the crewing section was rearranged and the Appointment System was implemented in order to keep the seafarers from crowding the area, making it hard for our supervisors to prioritize the tasks that need to be prioritized. The Crewing Supervisors were placed in the front and Crewing Assistants at the back
The past two months has been fruitful and productive as we continue on with our pursuit for total principal satisfaction giving us every opportunity to improve our services continually. Last 7-9 February, Vetting Inspection course was held with five (5) attendees. On 10-11 February, a total of six (6) crewmembers attended the Risk Assessment course. 15 February, Environmental Awareness was held also having six (6) attendees, and then the Anti-Piracy course held 17 February with a total of 12 attendees and on 10 March with a total of six (6) crewmembers in attendance. The PDOS was held on the 18th February with a total of 29 crewmembers in attendance and on 11 March with a total of 31 attendees. On the 22nd February Enercon was held with a total of six (6) crewmembers attending.
From Left to Right : PDOS, Environmental Awareness, ENERCON
Office Matters

On Piracy Incidents


Last 05 February, the Joint Manning Group (JMG) and the Associated Marine Officers’ and seafarers’  Union (AMOSUP) issued a joint statement on the M.V. “Beluga Nomination” piracy incident expressing their deep concern over the  piracy incident that already claimed the life of a Filipino Seafarer.
Denouncing the attack and the killing and encouraging others to take part so as to inform the global    maritime community and the Filipino people that this violent incident is outrageous.  According to the statement, seven (7) out of 12 crew members remained hostage, four (4) of which are Filipinos and the rest of the three (3) are East Europeans.


It further states that the International  piracy is a threat to global shipping and the industry is dealing with it to the best of its abilities and capabilities through tripartite consultation, international cooperation, implementation of most practical and preventive measures, and best management practices (BMP). Strictly complying with the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) - Philippine  Overseas Employment Administration (POEA)  mandatory anti-piracy training program for all Filipino seafarers prior to joining their vessels, continually reviewing and updating the anti piracy training module, in cooperation with the Maritime Training Council (MTC). Joining the government in its urgent call for more effective, unified and comprehensive actions of competent UN bodies and other international organizations in the global shipping community to address and end the piracy problem. (To download the Joint Statement)


JMG Bulletin February 9 issue sates that the attack on the said cargo ship has made the industry more apprehensive about the worsening of the piracy attacks. And because of this, several members of the Filipino Ship-owners Association (FSA) have submitted application to the Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) to deploy armed security guards onboard ships transiting High-Risk areas. (To download the JMG Bulletin)


Source: JMG

"We are one with the government in rightfully condemning the pirates' lawless behavior and their senseless disregard for human life."

Featured Seafarer


Mtrm Romeo Quiocho, one of our seafarers working on board KOTC vessels is known by his colleagues for his wonderful hand-made miniatures. He started out with his craft when he was in 3rd year to 4th year in high school making a bahay-kubo out of sugar cane flowers for an exhibit until it became a hobby. His artworks vary from houses to vehicles to aircrafts to ships, etc. He has made several models for his colleagues. He has already made over 25 pieces of miniatures whatever it is that he can think of doing.





He has made several pieces of miniatures e.g. the three (3) Gas vessels of KOTC; Gas Al Kuwait, Gas Al Burgan and the Gas Al Minagish, which has been bought from him by some Kuwaiti nationals as souvenir. He has also made miniatures of some of the means of transportation found in the Philippines i.e. the Jeepney and the Bangka, which he displayed on board the vessel. He also made a ship model of the vessel Al Shuhadaa and gave it to NSPI which is currently displayed at the 2nd floor of NSPI office. According to him it was two (2) months in the making. The vessel was made up of cartons, wires and bond papers glued together with the use of Elmer’s Glue.  When asked how much time did he spent making the vessel, he said that he would usually take 15-30 minutes of his vacant period just working on the vessel and then during holidays as it has become his past time from being on board for months. He said that during their vacant hours or on holidays he would also watch TV with his colleagues but most of the time prefers working on with his hand-crafted miniatures which he considers a good past time. According to him, it pays off every time he finishes something and his colleagues and other people appreciate it.




We aim for Total Principal Satisfaction!

Issue no. 02

Chef's Den Institute

Chef’s Den Institute officially started its first class on 18 February with three (3) students enrolled in a four-day advance course in Mediterranean Cuisine headed by Chef Jimmy Jardiniano. Then followed by the three-day advance course in Japanese Cuisine with Chef Nobu Irie, with four (4) students enrolled.  19 March the six-month Culinary Course & Commercial cooking started with 18 students enrolled headed by the School Administrator, Chef Louie Andaya

Greetings from NSPI!