The company's policy is to supply our Principals with seafarers and services that satisfy their requirements and expectations. Our objective is to achieve quality in all our activities by:

  Complying with the qualification standards and training requirements of seafarers in accordance with applicable conventions and other      relevant instruments.

  Delivering the requirements of our Principals at the agreed time, place, number and specifications, always avoiding to the utmost any      unreasonable delays and non-conformities.

  Continuously improving and upgrading the quality of services to our Principals by adopting up-to-date methods and techniques.

  Undertaking the continuing formation, education and skills training of its seamen and members.

  Establishing, maintaining, and operating an organization that will effectively implement the quality system and address the various problems      and needs of its Principals as well as the Filipino seafarer.

  Rendering to every Principal our prompt attention, personalized service, respect and consideration.

  Being clear and purposeful in our commitments without compromising our integrity.

  Implementing a Quality System with top management playing the leading role and all individuals in the organization as participants.      Development of the system will be a continuous process to keep abreast with new of the techniques and technologies in the shipping      industry.

  Ensuring that all office activities will be goal-oriented. Quality Assurance will be a central steering tool and each employee will be      responsible for the quality of their respective work. Errors or mistakes will be avoided at all cost.

  Maintaining the company's high position and competitiveness in the industry through a continuous quality improvement process.

  Fulfilling all relevant requirements of ISO 9001-2000 in our Quality Assurance System.